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Save the bees Ethical Packaging for BeeBombs

The Challenge

BeeBombs is serious about its mission; it wants to bring the bees back, back to our gardens, back to our meadows and back to Britain. 

It is a somewhat sobering thought that, since World War Two, 97% of our native British Wildflower habitat has been lost.  BeeBombs, a little Dorset-based company, aims to have a big impact on this statistic and is encouraging people up and down the land to scatter wildflower seeds on any space possible.  No horticultural expertise is required, just an appreciation of the bee and the vital role it plays in our ecosystem in return for an explosion of glorious and vibrant colour.

BeeBomb's vision was one we could get behind immediately; let's face it, their product is not just impressive, it's also inspiring.

And it's not just the bees that are buzzing; there's already a buzz surrounding this product.  Wildflower habitats are where bees and butterflies make their lives and thousands of people - with gardens large, tiny and every size in between - are now able to play their part in recreating this vital biodiversity thanks to BeeBombs.

The Problem

When BeeBombs chose to work with Lil Packaging on its packaging it seemed that a perfect partnership had been formed. Lil Packaging is also serious about its mission; it aims to eliminate unnecessary packaging and plastics completely from ecommerce (you can read about that here and here).  BeeBomb's vision was one we could get behind immediately; let's face it, their product is not just impressive, it's also inspiring.

What was abundantly clear from the outset was that BeeBombs needed packaging that stayed true to the company's ideals and in no way compromised their aim of restoring lost habitat and supporting biodiversity.  The BeeBombs themselves are handmade containing 18 different types of wildflower seeds; they are wrapped in fully sustainable materials and so required a packaging product that was environmentally sound, aligning with both their eco credentials as well as their aspirations for wildflower habitat.

The Solution

Lil Packaging had just the answer: the S1 Mailbox and the SP343 Mailbox.  The benefits of these boxes are in the construction and the materials used.  Their pop-up bases mean fast fulfilment and they have a peel and seal feature, so no tape is needed.  Moreover, they are fully recyclable and FSC certified.  Lil Packaging uses plant-based ink, which is, of course, only adds to the eco-friendly credentials.  The S1 Mailbox fits five BeeBombs perfectly whilst the SP343 is just right for a larger order of ten.  The Mailboxes themselves are essentially the same, just different sizes, meaning that a consistent look with the packaging can be achieved.

The Outcome

BeeBombs discovered that they didn't need to go anywhere else; Lil Packaging met the brief on their first attempt and BeeBomb was thrilled with their environmental benefits, the speed at which the mailboxes could be delivered to them and the clear pricing.  Additionally, BeeBomb felt that the mailboxes presented their product beautifully and that the consistency of the packaging meant that simplicity with substance could be maintained across their range.

BeeBomb didn't get a bee in their bonnet about packaging - although let's face it, if they had done, they'd have made it feel very welcome - and you don't have to either.  At Lil Packaging we are positive that we have the right product for you and your business.  Rest assured that we take your ecommerce ambitions very seriously; whether you make it your life's purpose to save the bees or if you're simply trying to get your product out there in the most environmentally friendly way possible, we'll be the wind beneath your wings.

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