William Grant and Sons (Drambuie) Case Study

William Grant and Sons (Drambuie) Case Study


In September 2014, William Grant and Sons acquired the Drambuie Liqueur Company Ltd for which Lil Packaging supplied bespoke high quality Litho printed cardboard packaging.  William Grant and Sons had their own list of preferred packaging suppliers and were very careful about adding any new suppliers to their approved supplier list. The challenge for Lil Packaging was in demonstrating why they deserved to be the exception.


  • The purchasing department at William Grant were very busy in terms of the recent acquisition of Drambuie and they needed a supplier that could immediately service their packaging needs.
  • This well known brand performed a range review and identified a need to maintain the quality of the brand. Quality Litho printed cardboard packaging was something that few packaging companies were able to prove that they could achieve.
  • Storage was a factor that needed consideration. Placing smaller orders was an option, but this would be a more costly exercise.


  • Lil Packaging assigned a dedicated account manager to the William Grant account giving them the personal attention that they deserved. We did all of the administration required in setting up the account, leaving them to deal with the acquisition.
  • The high quality Litho printed cardboard packaging that had been produced for our previous clients was presented to William Grant.
  • Lil packaging proposed quarterly batch productions, held in stock at our warehouse. William Grant could simply call-off stock and be invoiced for each delivery without any upfront payment.  This saved time and money and meant William Grant never had to wait again for a three to four week production lead-time.


William Grant were able to save time and money by utilising the existing high quality Litho printed cardboard packaging specifications, dies and artwork held by Lil Packaging.  Calling off stock in quarterly amounts added to the convenience of remaining with our world class manufacturing plant. Lil packaging were able to prove why their clients continue to be 'mail happy'.


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