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Jewellery Packaging: Is your internet packaging providing an invaluable unboxing experience?

How do you replicate the customer experience of buying a quality item in the jewellers, to an online purchase? You assume that the customer will order time and time again just due to the reputation of your quality product.

Jewellery packaging is key in the product purchase and customer retention journey, why then do businesses use bubble mailers or plastic bags to package and mail out their luxury jewellery?bubble-wrap-damaged-packaging

Have you thought about the customer experience and how much impact that this has on them placing repeat orders and recommending you to other potential customers? What if your jewellery arrives damaged, or worse still stolen?

What is the alternative for my jewellery packaging?

The iDK0 Breezebox is an outer that provides a perfect solution for your internet packaging for these reasons:

Quality packaging enhances your branding

  • This ingenious box features cleverly integrated tissue. In our readily available stocked range, this tissue is black or white, however, if you are looking for brand awareness and you really want to put the cherry on the cake, you can have it custom-printed with branded tissue paper for luxurious high-end appearance. This jewellery packaging is guaranteed to provide your product with a fabulous unboxing experience, whether the external box is plain or printed!
  • According to Dotcom distribution, "premium packaging is a valuable opportunity to provide online customers with a unique brand experience."

When mailing jewellery, packaging security should be considered

  • Thieves will find the iDK0 Breezebox difficult to sneakily steal what's inside thanks to high security tamper evident side locks. Your customer, however, will find this really easy to open, thanks to the frustration-free tear strip.
  • Our hot melt adhesive gives such a tight seal that you don't have to worry about the package coming open in the post.
  • The iDK0 provides a quality, plain, black exterior - therefore nobody knows what is inside the package providing the best security.


  • The tissue paper is so clever! It has just enough adhesion to securely wrap and protect whatever is inside and safeguards everything in sophisticated style. It's the only way of stopping items rattling around without the use of voidfill or plastics! As there is no need for voidfill or separate bubble mailer with this brilliant product, you can save both time and money.
  • It's really fast to pack, thanks to the clip fast tray construction. Supplied completely flat, the Lil iDK0 Breezebox will cost less to store.

The iDK0 Breezebox will provide your customer with a quality, unboxing experience to be remembered! So don't waste time worrying about the safety and security of your beautiful jewellery products The iDK0 really is worthy of the crown jewels. As Europe's largest producer of internet packaging, we can bespoke manufacture any size of box with or without printing your logo.

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