A Box Is Not Just For Packaging

A Box Is Not Just For Packaging

The world is facing uncertain times - schools are now closed for most pupils across the nation. Many staff members including our own are working from home while trying to keep their children occupied, happy and still interacting socially on some level.

Well that's what got us thinking...most of us have a box or two lying around the house! Many of us are currently relying on home deliveries which ultimately yield an incredible amount of cardboard packaging. We decided to get creative. Tasked with inventing a game that would involve recycling one of our very own Lil boxes, our children started planning their own freebie entertainment – no shops required!

Read on to find out more about 'Raff's cardboard box game'...

Players: This is a 2 player game

Supplies: 1 cardboard box of any variety and size


A collection of small items that you have lying around the house

Preparation: Using a scissors, cut a hole in one end of your box

Seal the box on all other sides

It's that simple

You are ready to play the game!

To play: Player 1 searches for an object to hide inside the box. He/she places the item inside the box. With eyes closed, player 2 places their hand inside the box, and using only the sense of touch (no peeping!) proceeds to guess the hidden article. Once the object has been correctly guessed, swap over and repeat.

We hope that you have as much fun as we did! Why not get your kids creating their own cardboard games? Even good old junk modelling can generate some of the most wonderful family moments...

Stay well.

The Mail Happy Team

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