Mail and Express Delivery Show - Lil Packaging are proud sponsors!

Mail and Express Delivery Show - Lil Packaging are proud sponsors!

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On the 19th of May 2016, the Mail and Express Delivery Show or "MEDS" is taking place at the Novotel Hotel and Conference Centre in Hammersmith, London. The MEDS website describes the event:

Mail and Express Delivery Website - "This year's annual show will attempt to cover all the exciting developments in delivery and business processes that have flooded the marketplace in recent months. Some challenges are familiar, such as managing delivery peaks, but what are carriers and retailers doing to get better at this? Other challeneges are brand new, for example how to embrace the new technologies and concepts that are making it easier, quicker and more responsive to reach your end customer. How can mail remain a profitable channel - is outsourcing the answer to increased economies of scale? Join us in London for this one day conference to seek answers to all this and more. Alongside the main conference will be seminars focusing on more niche topics such as crowdsourcing, drone technology, packaging and cross border issues. The Mail and Express Delivery Show is the only industry event to encompass discussions and solutions for express, mail and e-commerce users. Book now to secure your place and join the debate."



Lil Packaging has been attending this event over the past few years, and we have watched the event grow and mature to become one of the industry's leading calendar dates.  Therefore, we decided to take the leap and fully support the team behind Mail and Express Delivery Show by sponsoring it.

We know that packaging has become a key consideration in the operation, fulfillment and delivery of products that are engaged with by companies in the sector.  We also know that discussion and knowledge of packaging best practice within the mail and delivery logistics sector is woefully under-represented, and suffering from a huge gap in the expertise required to get it absolutely right.

So we're going to be conducting free-to-attend education, troubleshooting, and consultation seminars during the day at MEDS. Our aim, to help delegates and exhibitors overcome their packaging challenges by giving the packaging aspect of their operation the due attention, and expertise that it deserves. 

At Lil Packaging we helped one of the largest online retailers in the world shave millions off their mail and delivery logistical and fulfillment costs through a few simple changes in their packaging. We plan on doing the same for the attendees.

We're asking you to bring with you examples of the packaging (good and bad) that you or your organisation use and encounter within your daily business. If you've got a specific packaging problem, or a larger conundrum about customer experiences, fulfillment challenges, logistical problems, budget problems or anything else in the area - we're up for the exciting prospect of helping you overcome it. You'd be surprised at just how much 30 minutes of talking about your packaging - and its wider implications - can change and improve your business.

Come and see us at the Mail and Express Delivery show, either side of the main conference hall entrance on Stand 21 and Stand 22, for anything Packaging or to just say hello!


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