National Photo Month

National Photo Month

A snapshot in time, a memory from our own past or perhaps a moment in history...whatever it may be, we certainly all take surplus amounts of photographs in the digital era, some never to be viewed again.

Nevertheless, there are still a surprising number of remarkable photographs that make it to our walls, perhaps more often than into our albums these days. Maybe we appreciate those really special moments even more, to be viewed by all in our own personal galleries at home.

During May at Lil Packaging, we will take some time to remember the origins of the first photograph and our very own beginnings as we celebrate National Photo Month.

With an interest in science and invention, the 1800's saw the origination of perhaps the world's 'first photographer' Nicéphore Niépce. He is noted to have been the first person to have created a permanent image, taken using a camera.

Amazingly, Mainline Flatpacks Ltd (established by Roger Lill), started out as a leading British manufacturer of packaging to photo processors. It grew from supplying Kodak enlargement envelopes to being Europe’s largest manufacturer of cardboard envelopes and the foremost specialist in packaging – Lil Packaging.

Although we no longer specialise in photo folders, we are still firmly in the photo packaging sector. Trusted by companies such as Moonpig and Funky Pigeon, we continue to supply packaging for the photo gifting market with products such as our Lil C5 Bukwrap, one of our most popular inventions for A3 size photograph gifting. Lil C5 Bukwrap is also used for school photography packaging of larger prints and canvasses for the likes of H Tempest Photography.

Read on to find out about the Lil Letterbox AELL03 max Large letter, which as the name suggests, is perfect for sending oversized A4 photo gifts straight through the Royal Mail Large Letter tariff for low cost postage!

So, what makes our photo packaging different to others?

We design our boxes to operate efficiently for e-commerce, ensuring that they are quick to assemble, presentable and made from high spec eco friendly materials. We produce the Lil Letterbox AELL03 max Large letter ourselves in our world class factory using FSC certified (Forest Stewardship Council) 150 Kraft/E flute/150 Test corrugated cardboard. It may be brown in colour...but we are the only packaging supplier to ensure that every single box we sell is guaranteed to be environmentally 'green'. The Lil AELL03 has a new external print design. We're including eco friendly icons, FSC certified logo, and a statement on sustainability all neatly tucked away on the inside edge.

Everything creases and locks into place faster than anything else like it, speeding up your packing process. The hinged lid neatly and precisely aligns with the rest of the box leaving no nasty looking gaps. This feature offers security and prevents theft in transit. Strongest & stiffest to protect from damage, this cardboard postal box has double strength thickness left and right side walls, plus the perfected height flaps add up to 3x side thickness strength. They are super sturdy and come flat packed so take up less storage space.

How will you celebrate National Photo Month this May? Although living through challenging times, we are all a part of could take some amazing photographs today and cherish them forever...


Photo by PhotoMIX Ltd. from Pexels

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