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Beyond branding: how to add a personal touch to your packaging

As we see more e-commerce stores replace high street retailers, we're fast getting used to selling and purchasing goods with no face-to-face interaction whatsoever. Yet, customer service and satisfaction are still so important for modern businesses.

That's why customer satisfaction doesn't just feel good, it's also great for your business. Given that you might never meet customers face-to-face, making an impact can be difficult. But one tried and tested way is through branding, whether this takes the form of a website, the product itself or an often overlooked way: product packaging.

Packaging is often the first thing your customer will see of your product, so it's prime real estate for getting your brand across in a positive light. Adding a personal touch can make all the difference, so let's take a look at what you can do to give your packaging that extra special touch that'll leave a lasting impression on your customer.

The personal touch

Standing out is tough. It's a rapidly growing marketplace online, and with such competition, you'll need to make your brand's voice shine. Even though large corporations make vast profits, they often lack the personality that smaller companies provide so well.

What's the personal touch? It's presenting your e-commerce store as 'human.' Once you're seen as a personable enterprise, customer trust starts to grow. After all, if customers buy from a store that cares about their shopping experience, it changes their view of your company. Make shoppers feel valued and they'll be more inclined to buy from you again.  

So, what are effective personal touches that you can pop in your packaging?

The thank you note

This is the quickest way to a customer's heart is gratitude.

Take fashion startup Frank and Oak. When starting out, each parcel they sent had a hand-written thank you note inside. Despite the business evolving now attracting over 1.5 million customers, they never lost that personal touch - and still include thank you notes to today.

Thank you notes are a great way to show you're a grounded company that appreciates its customers. You'll find little mention of 'business' in a good thank you note, so it won't feel formal or impersonal. Usually something like 'thank you for supporting us' is great.

These notes are also cost-effective, and adding them into your packaging can make it feel like a gift a very welcome sight compared to a standard receipt.

Biodegradable tissue paper

Does your store sell designer, vintage, or luxury items? Not only will you want these items to arrive safely and intact, they need to look presentable too  and filling your package with packing peanuts won't have your package screaming 'premium' or sustainable.

If you've ever received a high-end clothing item, or a pricey perfume, you'll know that these items are wrapped elegantly, and with extraordinary care often with tissue paper. Maybe it's how delicate it is, or its wide range of colours, but tissue paper is always linked to luxury purchases.

It's easy to make tissue paper personal. There are many options: from spritzing it with a subtle perfume, using a sticker with your brand's logo to seal the seam, or even a thank you note asking for a review on top.

Picking biodegradable tissue paper specifically also makes for an eco-friendly filler to replace less sustainable alternatives like bubble-wrap. It's not just easy to recycle, beautifully presented tissue paper can also be reused by customers for gifts or crafts, too.

A good fit

Online shopping is a much more personal experience for customers. Whereas in store they may be shopping with friends, or fighting fellow shoppers for the last suede jacket, both buying and receiving of online orders is often done solo.

That's why adding a personal touch makes your customers feel special, which is what it's all about. You can add these touches inside the package, as we've mentioned above, but one the easiest ways making sure your box fits snugly around your products.

Paying close attention to package fit, the quality of your box, and how they look leaves a positive impression with customers. It shows more care than using a box that's far too big, and filling the dead space with peanuts, more cardboard, or plastic fillers. At the end of the day, a consistent, quality shopping experience is exactly what a customer is looking for.

If your packaging needs aren't being met, Lil Packaging offers a range of bespoke, custom, and eco-friendly options to suit every product imaginable. While they take the stress out of choosing your delivery boxes, you'll have more time to connect with your valued customers. If you're interested in finding out more, contact us today.

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