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Hot melt glue and for sealing packaging - don't settle for less

We pledge to only provide you with postal packaging made using hot melt glue. That's our Lil promise. There's no logical reason any other adhesive should exist in ecommerce packaging. Simply put, it's the only option for sealing ecommerce packaging as it's the only glue that doesn't need 24 hours to stick!

Why Lil hot melt  vs inferior pre-produced double-sided tape?

  • 90 seconds to 100% stick. All other adhesives take 24 hours to 100% stick - we can't stress the importance of this enough, since most ecommerce is delivered within 18 hours.
  • 90% faster to peel due to fast-release overhanging white paper
  • 300% more aggressive adhesive tack.
  • Unlimited shelf-life

What is hot melt glue?

In short it's a blend of rubbers and resins made at high temperatures which is cooled after application. Make no mistake, double sided tape is cheaper and easier to manufacture. That is why you'll see it on low quality packaging from the far-east and other packaging distributors.

But as a sign of quality, security and ease of use; only trust hot melt for ecommerce packaging. Hot melt glue is delivered to us in 'slugs' - little tubes of material that we then melt down and circulate via pumps inside specially designed tanks to the temperature needed to achieve a consistent liquid form.

At the appropriate stage in the manufacturing process we then apply the glue to the packaging, and within 200 milliseconds we apply our special white silicon release paper so that the glue retains its 'sticky-power' essential for high speed fulfilment operations. So why do we bother using this 'hot melt' high-tech glue? What's the point? Simply put, it's the best option for sealing e-commerce packaging there is.

Once the glue grabs the other packaging seal surface, and it's allowed the short required time to stick, the package is sealed strongly. The only way to enter the package would be to tear the release-strip off, or attack the glued section. Either way, it would be obvious that the package has been interfered with. This helps prevent or deter stealing from sealed packages, as well as to ensure that the product stays in the package, and arrives on-time, in full, and to the satisfaction of customers.

With double-sided sticky-tape (the same stuff you can buy at BandQ), which many packaging manufacturers use for sealing packages, the seal is usually only half as strong. This means that many package seals can be pulled apart, making the package and the contents vulnerable to all sorts of interference and losses - often without being visibly obvious. It's very important that if you use packaging for your products or mail that you ensure it is sealed with hot-melt glue, and not just sticky-tape.

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