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Shipping boxed toys? Twistwrap: The cost effective alternative to voidfill!

Are you looking for cost effective packaging? You are probably like countless other retailers that are unsure of the options available when shipping boxed toys, while spending huge amounts per year in 'over packaging'. In the article "How to ship boxed toys", they suggest collecting tape, bubble wrap, boxes and scissors. Although they quite rightly suggest putting the items to be posted into a snug box, they go on to advise that if you need more protection for your toys, choose a bigger box, add more bubble wrap and extra packing paper.

All of these little extras stack up to a higher postage bill, and when shipping on a medium to large scale for e-commerce, this could be costing you thousands more than necessary per year. How about other methods of void fill?

Mailing boxes are often stuffed with polystyrene, a product that will both add to your packing costs, and secondly, there are many environmental issues surrounding the use of a product that is very slow to biodegrade. Those polystyrene filling chips might be good at 'filling the void' but have you considered how costly it is in terms of filling up your warehouse space!

So, you could either carry on with this less than perfect method of shipping boxed toys, or look for a cost effective packaging alternative, enter the Lil Twistwrap:

  • These brilliant twistwraps are 5x faster to pack toys than a normal box.
  • The buffer edge protection reduces damage in transit.
  • The 90-degree twist action maximises cross-directional strength.
  • The Lil peel'n'seal closure system provides tight security.
  • The variable width, depth and wrap around nature of the product provides such a snug fit for your toys and games that there is no need to use voidfill or extra sealing tape with the twistwrap.
  • These products also come in a range of 6 different sizes to suit your needs.
  • Twistwraps are 100% recyclable, with an FSC certified material construction.
  • Only one packaging material is required - the twistwrap that's it!
          Efficient fulfillment = packing up more products and less time filling the void! No tape, no scissors, no voidfill, no bubble wrap, just Twistwrap!
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