Eco Friendly Paper mail Bags for plastic free online business

Lil bag - Mail bags Modernised for a Plastic Free Society

If you think the only things completely suitable for sending non-fragile items through the post are polybags (polyurethane, also known as mail bags), then think again. They might be waterproof, lightweight and durable, but they are incredibly damaging for our environment. Plus, our Lil Bags have a super hero power on their list of credentials: they’re 100% environmentally friendly. 

Our paper bag experts at Lil Packaging started making the Lil bags in order to provide the online fashion industry with a means of moving away from single use plastic. Indeed, known as paper mailers, or paper mailing sacks, our bags have been specifically designed for eCommerce; made from brown Kraft paper and containing no animal products whatsoever, they’re even printed using plant-based, up-cycled inks.

Eco Friendly Plastic Free Mail Bag for Slow Fashion Brands

So what makes our Lil Bags stand head and shoulders above the rest?

  • As mentioned, it's a fact that we like to be environmentally friendly, so these Lil Bags are manufactured using FSC® certified environmentally sustainable materials.  And not only is the Lil Bag scalable, sustainable and affordable, it’s also manufactured in the UK.
  • We believe that what makes our Lil Bags really special is the fact that thanks to a combination of high quality, dense, long-fibre kraft paper and being pressure sealed during production (see our special article on hot melt glue!), they’re naturally splash resistant. 
  • Splash resistant and paper?  Not two words you normally hear in the same sentence. Have you ever worried about the bags getting wet and coming apart if the postman’s caught in a rainstorm you ask?  Well, yes actually, we have.  No, these bags don’t come with their own umbrellas.  Instead, using standard Cobalt Chloride humidity indicator cards placed inside the bags, we’ve put them through their paces; we left them outside for three hours in heavy rain. Internal air moisture increased to 30% from a baseline of 10%, with no visible water ingress. Not a single, solitary, tiny, little drop.
  • Then we took it a step further; we placed the bags directly under a running tap for 30 seconds.  This time, air moisture increased to 20% from a baseline of 10%, but still the water was unable to breach the bag!
  • The bags are supplied flat, so they take up minimal amount of storage.
  • Our Lil Bag comes in a range of three sizes, so you can pick the one best suited to your product; we understand that the items you’re sending out come in all shapes and sizes and the three sizes we offer cover most eventualities.
  • Fulfilment speed is a big thing in e-commerce. When you're packing bags or stuffing envelopes all day, every second counts towards getting products out and delivered quickly. Overhanging white release paper on our own hot-melt glue peel and seal system makes them super quick and easy to seal.  Having the fastest packaging speed for our clients is always a win!  We have video evidence to prove it!

Eco Friendly Plastic Free Mail Bag for Slow Fashion BrandsOur designs have evolved over time; we listen to the feedback from customers and continue to update and improve the design of the Lil Bag based on their feedback; our eco friendly mailing bags have not only been thoroughly researched, they’ve also been trialed and tested against the competition so we can be sure that they represent the best quality on the market.


Because of this, our products and our service are continually improving, and ranges like our Lil bag are continually getting better and better.

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