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Cadbury Selection Box Case Study

The Challenge

Cadbury selection boxes are an integral part of the holiday season. However, with a growing online gifting market, Cadbury wanted to make their selection boxes more accessible to an online audience, all year round.

As such, we at Lil Packaging were tasked with creating a bespoke 'postal selection box' that consumers could easily mail to their loved ones. To minimise costs, the box itself needed to meet standard 'large letter dimensions', weighing less than 250g and slotting into the standard letterbox without the need for signed delivery. Importantly, the task rested in our ability to transfer the iconic selection box design into a sleek, mailable package that remained recognisable to the traditional Cadbury consumer.

The Problem

Although the problems Cadbury faced were mostly dimensional, these minor details largely impacted upon their ability to deliver cost-effective, quality products. On the whole, the difficulties came down to the variant bar sizes. The Double Decker bar weighed 50g alone, the Curly Wurly measured 50% longer than all other bars, and postal restrictions could not accommodate for any bar thicker than 22mm. We needed to develop a solution that was both lightweight and economical, yet still accommodated for consumer customisation. No Double Deckers? No thank you. The task was on.

The Solution

Our team of strategists and designers worked alongside Cadbury to produce beautiful, bespoke packaging, tailored to their specific needs:

  • With clever planning (having measured and weighed over 80 bars of chocolate), we created packaging with a sleek, one-sided print that appears as two-sided when the packaging is formed; minimising on cost while maximising on aesthetic.
  • Our experts designed smart, versatile components that could accommodate for any combination of bars, using a single sheet of cardboard. Incorporating both a divider and stability into one piece, this made for economical packaging kept bars secure and intact during transit.
    • With our easy to assemble packaging, we achieved a rapid fulfilment rate of 40 seconds per unit, thanks to the efficiency of the wrap around construction.
      • By implementing lightweight yet durable kraft cardboard, we successfully kept mailing costs below £0.80 per unit, significantly less than Cadbury's initial postal budget. This ultimately allowed them to offer customers free delivery with every box.
        • Despite the need to create bespoke packaging units from scratch, our team minimised production costs in order to maximise Cadbury's profit on their £10 product.

          Cadbury selection box letter postal packaging

          The Outcome

          With our help, Cadbury were able to diversify their heritage product; maintaining the look and feel of the traditional boxes, while delivering sleek, convenient packages directly through their customers' letterboxes. Through versatile, clever packaging, our bespoke solutions have enabled Cadbury to increase sales outside of the superstores, eliminating the middleman and maximising their profit margins. By implementing detailed changes on a design level, our packaging has opened up new channels for consumers to easily access Cadbury products you're welcome.

          While ordering pre-made packaging units might seem like the more cost effective option for your business, the Cadbury case is a perfect example of how bespoke packaging can be both cost effective and consumer-friendly. Alongside our ready-to-go options, our bespoke packaging services follow a simple yet effective process that help us to get your packaging just right. If you're interested in seeing how we've helped other major brands around the world with their packaging needs, you can check out our other case studies right there.

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