Lil Envelope

A cardboard envelope is a snug fit design for media items up to 30mm thick. Featuring a special rigidly-protective design, using strong 450gsm thick recycled board with an easily stackable format for storage. Triple the envelope quantity per pallet and big reductions in product damage vs bubble mailers. 100% recyclable ensures eco friendly credentials and a significant move away from single use plastic in ecommerce packaging. Recommended for:
  • CD’s, DVD’s, Blu-Ray & More
  • Books, Magazines, Maps & Plenty More
  • Computer Games, Small Electricals & Other Small Items
  • Corporate Reports, Brochures, Documents and photo books
  • A1 envelope
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    A1 envelope

    235 x 180 x 0-30 mm

    The Lil A1 DVD envelopes fit 100% of DVDs, bluRays and video games.  If you're using a D1 size bubble envelope or a size 1 Jiffy bag mailer to mail...

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  • A-CD envelope

    A-CD envelope

    180 x 164 x 0-30 mm

    Looking for quality cardboard CD envelopes?  The A-CD envelopes are Amazon style CD mailers that provide the most cost-effective protection for you...

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  • A-LTR envelope

    A-LTR envelope

    239 x 164 x 0-30 mm

    Maximise and save on 'Letters' postal tariff! The A-LTR small cardboard envelope is perfectly sized to fit through the "Letters" tariff (Length: ...

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  • A4 Envelope

    A4 Envelope

    400 x 278 x 0-30 mm

    Looking for big book packaging or sheet music envelopes?  The A4 is a cardboard envelope large mailer and is perfect for delivering clothing, big b...

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  • A194 Envelope

    A194 Envelope

    292 x 194 x 0-30 mm

    Looking for quality paperback book packaging or comic book cardboard envelopes?  The Lil A194 envelope is a cardboard book mailer that provides the...

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  • A2 Envelope

    A2 Envelope

    334 x 234 x 0-30 mm

    Looking for comic book mailers or DVD packaging? The Lil A2 envelope is among the A4 sized Amazon style DVD envelopes and is perfect for delivering...

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  • A194+ Envelope

    A194+ Envelope

    292 x 234 x 0-30 mm

    Looking for picture book envelopes?  The A194+ envelopes are ideal as children's book mailers that provide the most cost-effective mailing options ...

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  • A5 Envelope

    A5 Envelope

    448 x 328 x 0-30 mm

    Looking for small parcel envelopes to maximise the small parcel size limit of 450 x 350 x 160mm?  The Lil A5 envelope is a small parcel-sized produ...

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  • A3 Envelope

    A3 Envelope

    352 x 249 x 0-30 mm

    Looking for a large letter envelope to maximise the large letter size limit of 353 x 250 x 25mm?  The Lil A3 is a large letter mailer featuring in...

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  • A7 Envelope - for A2 sized media
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    A7 Envelope - for A2 sized media

    626 x 451 x 0-30 mm

    Are you looking for large A2 cardboard envelopes to carry A2 sized media without having to fold or roll them up in a tube? The Lil A7 is constructe...

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