slim letterbox packaging for posting shipping sample packs Fired Earth - Custom Printed Postal Packaging for sending out Samples via Royal Mail Large Letter - cheap to post yet highly protective

Fired Earth - custom letterbox sized packaging for posting samples

The Challenge

It never used to be trendy to talk about tiles, but Fired Earth changed all that. With their exclusive collection of wall tiles, floor tiles, designer paints and kitchens and bathrooms, this company has succeeded in inspiring even the most reluctant interior designers among us.  Known for supporting the U.K. ceramic industry and its craftsmanship, Fired Earth also prides itself on having an eye for good design and creativity and introducing its loyal customers to products from further afield.

The Problem

Previously using standard boxes, Fired Earth knew they needed sturdier postal packaging in order to ship samples of their beautiful (and sometimes fragile) tiles and ceramics out to customers safely.  An added issue was the fact that, often, standard boxes just didn't fit through letterboxes.  

Fired Earth also felt that they wanted to engage customers from the very moment the sample tiles were delivered; unwrapping them should prove equally as exciting as choosing them in the first place and the packaging needed to reflect the way Fired Earth feels about its products - all fired up (if you'll excuse the pun). 

Additionally, as their success has grown, so has the company's need to have packaging that is efficient to post, fulfilling orders quickly and keeping up with increasing demands.  Taking all these factors into consideration, it was obvious to Fired Earth that their existing packaging needed a serious refresh.

The Solution

With all this in mind, Lil Packaging suggested the Letterbox sized mailer as an alternative to the standard boxes Fired Earth had been using.  With its peel and seal closure, pop-up base and beautifully custom printed interior, this product meets all the necessary criteria and has the added bonus of meaning that boxes can be delivered through the majority of U.K. letterboxes without the need for recipients to be present.

The Outcome

Working closely with Lil Packaging on a packaging solution has meant that Fired Earth has virtually eradicated any instances of failed delivery.   The large letterbox mailer is also royal mail tariff compliant making it far cheaper to post and postage costs can be easily estimated.  With its reinforced sides, the maximum amount of products can go inside the mailers, whilst a snug fit prevents damage to samples and is extremely difficult to tamper with. We also included an extra thick layer of hot-melt adhesive on the base of the mailer to fix the tile in place, this ensured a consistent unboxing experience and minimised the chance of tiles breaking.

Fired Earth - Custom Printed Postal Packaging for sending out Samples via Royal Mail Large Letter - cheap to post yet highly protective

The high quality, yet inexpensive single-colour flexographic printing on the mailers is visually stunning and adds to the customer's branded unboxing experience.  Although Fired Earth benefits from much repeat and loyal custom, the packaging's brand continuity has increased customer engagement even further. Added to this, the clever integration of brochure retention within the box, coupled with a strong call to action on the print, will have increased brand outreach significantly.

As a result of their attention to detail and as a consequence, switching their standard packaging to letterbox mailers, Fired Earth has made changes that are beneficial to everyone, most especially their loyal customer base.  It just goes to show how a critical eye on every area of the business, no matter how small, leads to happy customers and improved business, and perhaps - most importantly - beautiful bathrooms!   

If you like the idea of custom letterbox packaging for your brand, then our bespoke packaging services are for you.  If you're interested in seeing how we've helped other major brands around the world with their packaging needs, you can check out our other case studies right here.

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