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National Puzzle Day 2020 - Packaging Perspective

We Take a moment on January 29th 2020 to celebrate National Puzzle Day, in appreciation of how retailers of toys, games & puzzles have chosen Lil for supply of their postal packaging – particularly our Lil twistwrap invention; tried, tested & perfected for LEGO, Corgi, Hornby, Gibson, Ravensburger, Orchard Toys, Monopoly etc. It’s worth remembering these much loved games are not only sold by Amazon.

Puzzle day was Founded by Jodi Jill in the year 2002 to promote individuals coming together to chat about and share puzzles, games and challenges. In a world where everything is centred around convenience, speed and a means to an end, it is so important to remember the benefits of sitting down with a loved one or even a new aquaintence and engaging in what might often be seen as a fairly pointless activity.

What could you possibly gain from spending an hour playing a game? Surely this time could be better spent checking emails, the property market or scrolling online to keep up to date with the next big thing. Reflect for one moment about how you felt playing a game with a grandparent: individual attention, verbal reward, that feeling of winning or sharing in the moment with another human being. Often we become detached from older generations as we have less and less in common in this cyber-universe that they often don't (or even desire) to understand. Games and puzzles are cross generational.

So, could engaging in a game help you to look after your mind and look after the planet? A well used puzzle is the ultimate recyclable item, bringing pleasure over and over again.

To further continue upcycling, If you are looking to sell your no-longer used Puzzles as pre-loved/pre-owned games. Our Lil Twistwrap is the ultimate in environmental friendliness...the card material construction is FSC certified/PEFC approved and 100% recyclable. By twisting the mailer, both the depth and length of the packaging can be varied, holding the product securely in place. This incredible design thus eliminates the need for any plastic voidfill or plastic tapes. Your products can be packaged in super fast time: 5x faster in fact than a regular you more time perhaps to engage in life's big puzzle.

Go the game...stick or Twistwrap...


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