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Lil Packaging just got an upgrade!

Our super efficient packaging manufacturing plant just got an upgrade! Over the past week we've taken delivery of over £650K in new machinery, with more to arrive in the coming months for a total investment of over £1.3m.

The sole purpose of our re-investment program is to boost capacity and streamline production, enabling us to keep up with increased demand for our innovative e-commerce packaging solutions. If you need a supplier that can fulfil high capacity orders, look no further.

We live and breathe 'fulfilment' at Lil. It's not just about packaging - it's about packing speed, reducing returns, reducing damages, reducing packaging storage space, postal-cost reduction, customer satisfaction and much more.

We provide expertise and thorough experience in all of this, and our new machinery will make large bulk ordering and rapid,scalable production a breeze!

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