World Music Day!

World Music Day!

World Music Day!


In 1982, the Ministry of Culture in France discovered that a large number of people played a musical instrument. They set about creating a celebration of music for everyone to enjoy in the streets, with an emphasis on the free provision of concerts and universal access to music in the public arena. Fete de la Musique or World Music Day was born and is celebrated annually on 21st June in many participating countries.

Obviously things might be a little different this year, but music is always something to be celebrated. You may have an influx of customers requiring sheet music or music books during the worldwide lock-down. Many people may have even taken up learning to play a musical instrument as a way of feeling a sense of achievement during this time and a fulfilling way of spending their increased free time. If so, you may be looking for some appropriate packaging to ensure their safe and secure dispatch.

Read on to find out more about our Lil A4 Envelope, which we think could be ideal...



The Lil A4 is a popular cardboard envelope for mailing things like music books and sheet music through the post that would otherwise be too large for most other mailers! Better than a bubble mailer, its corner stiffness cuts damage in transit, with online retailers reporting nearly 70% fewer returns and 25% faster packing.

Our updated Lil A4 envelope includes a replacement of our hallmark red rippa-strip in the form of a herringbone tear-strip for easy sealing and opening. A change that has become synonymous with our recent plastic free accreditation. Lil envelopes are the most eco-friendly, plastic free alternative to a standard padded envelope or bubble mailer and they represent a significant step forward in the removal of single use plastics from ecommerce packaging.

Eco-friendly padded envelopes that are stuffed with post consumer recycled fibre actually use more material than our envelopes and are considerably slower to pack, yet they don't provide any additional protection or cost savings. This is why our envelopes are trusted to deliver products and media across the globe by the Internet’s biggest online retailer.

Our envelope range

All of the products within our envelope range including the Lil A4 are made from 100% recycled material, are 100% recyclable and are FSC® certified.

How could you celebrate World Music Day? Perhaps you could play a favourite piece of music or share an online playlist with a friend. One thing is for sure, music has the ability to make us feel good, and there is nothing better than sharing in the happiness.