subscription packaging for books

Igniting a Lifelong Love of Reading with Subscription Boxes for Books

This guest post was written by our customer A Pocketful of Books, a brilliant subscription box club for kids aged 5 to 12, designed to inspire literacy, creativity and imagination.

At A Pocketful of Books we are passionate about encouraging children to develop their reading, writing and reflection skills. These skills are so important for kids to reach their unique full potential. So we designed our monthly subscription boxes to inspire literacy, creativity and imagination. Each month, young subscribers are thrilled to receive a package in the post, which contains an exciting new chapter book along with tailor made activities and a bonus gift, all carefully curated to extend the reading experience and nurture a sense of inquiry. Ultimately we aim to make reading even more fun, with the anticipation of a monthly parcel and the creative, scientific and artistic activities that accompany each book.

subscription packaging for books

With two reader levels and a range of subscription options available, our book boxes are perfect for kids aged approximately 5 to 11. They can be enjoyed independently or together with a parent or sibling, depending on age and ability. We therefore reach out to parents and teachers who are keen to encourage and help their children or students, whether they have young bookworms or more reluctant readers.  We have an active social media following, especially on Instagram, where our subscribers can share the results of the activities that they have worked on from the book boxes. We also work with schools sometimes, talking to parents about the benefits of reading together, and we have also collaborated with some social media influencers who are parents and who are equally passionate about books! The publishers that we work with are also wonderful at sharing new and exciting publications with us, and they have provided us with books for competitions which also help to get kids and their parents engaged.

subscription packaging for books

Our website is also really important, as it is a place where our subscribers, or other kids, can share their thoughts about the books they have read. They can send in reviews about any book that they have read. Research tells us that kids who write about what they read tend to become better writers and readers. Their comprehension goes up, and that skill is applied to all academic subjects. But most of all, kids get to see their own thoughts and recommendations online, and they can also take a look for other books that might interest them, browsing through reviews written by their peers, rather than by adults. They love this!

We are a new, family run initiative, and reaching our target audience has definitely had its challenges. Our potential subscribers can be anywhere in the world! The different areas of digital marketing can be overwhelming, and achieving cut-through is far from easy. We found that engaging with relevant communities on Instagram gave us a great start, but it was really important to actually engage, so we share lots of reading tips and recommendations and encourage our subscribers to share too. We have lots of experience working with children in schools, so our next plan is to share our experience through interviews or guest posts on blogs within the parenting community.

subscription packaging for books

We have more information about our subscription boxes and about the importance of reading – as well as lots of book reviews – on our website, or you can follow us on Instagram: @apocketfulofbooks.

As Christmas is approaching, we have a special offer at the moment valid until the end of November. New subscribers can save 15% with coupon code SPARKLE15. A subscription makes a brilliant gift that continues to be exciting beyond the big day in December. It’s a great alternative that also has educational value, helps to reduce screen time, plus we keep each book box plastic free and deliver them in Bukwraps made from sustainably sourced paper. Lots of reasons to take a look!


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