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Postal Packaging for Gifts - Mothers Day

Let's face it, we'll all be searching online for inspiration for that number 1 gift mum would be proud of this Mother's Day (in one capacity or another) - but have you stopped to consider how your customers would feel if their beloved mums were to receive their gift either smashed, damaged, late with additional postal charges or have to collect their gift from a depot 10 miles up the road? Remember, that number one gift for Mum on Mother's Day is a great way to say "I love you and I'm thankful for you" whereas the aforementioned failed delivery is a great way to say "I want a refund, a replacement product and a huge apology!". You don't want to be remembered for years to come as "that brand that ruined my mum's special day".

Mums deserve better!

Don't be cheap or lazy when it comes to packaging your customers' orders destined for proud mothers everywhere. Use packaging that will make Mum proud and shed a tear at how thoughtful and generous her children are. Mothers Day is a BIG revenue earner on the internet. If you're in the business of selling and posting out gifts, cosmetics, fashion and fashion accessories, cards, flowers, experience days, meals out and much more - then you might want to read on!

Mums vs Dads - no competition (statistically speaking)

According to the Telegraph and VoucherCodesPro, our dear Mums are three times as valuable to internet retailers as our poor old Dads are. The average spend being around £30, it seems that mothers day presents of choice are flowers, chocolates, alcohol, beauty treatments or (as 39% of gents will probably agree) - just a card. In contrast, Dads generally get a DVD, alcohol, a gift voucher, or chocolate. Is this karmic justice for all of those forgotten anniversaries? Let's not digress.

Some fun stats for Mothers Day 2018

  1. Over 1/3 of Brits said that their mum was the most inspirational person in their life. (Cue warm fuzzy feeling...)
  2. 1/2 of Brits believe that they're turning into their mums (She's great, but I really hope not.)
  3. and that this occurs when they utter the most-voted mum phrase, "What did your last slave die of?!" (Cringe.)
  4. 91% of mums said that they would prefer an iPad over flowers. (This is why our mailbox range, and our breezebox range are in demand this year!)
  5. 81% are likely to look for a discount or a voucher on Mother's Day! (Remember, great offers do not benefit from sub-standard postal packaging...)
  6. The average spend on a present for mum is £27.37 (Expensive enough to need protecting with good packaging in the mail.)
  7. 1/5 of mums received no gifts for Mother's Day last year - sort it out, guys! (Guilty your honour.)
  8. There are around 30 million cards sent for mothers around Mothering Sunday. (Our envelope range can protect them properly.)
  9. Half of us will send our mum a Facebook message instead of a card. (Don't mothers deserve better?)
  10. The world's most prolific mother was the Russian Mrs. Vassilyev, who had 69 children in 27 pregnancies. She had no single births, but multiple sets of twins, triplets and quadruplets.

Mother's Day spending stats in a big, pretty infographic

Because we all love pictures, right? We're leading the pack in terms of parental inequality - as mentioned above, Mother's Day UK really does fuel consumer spending up to three times more than Father's Day. Check out the global shopping trends infographic released by Rakuten, the 3rd largest e-commerce marketplace in the world and owner of UK's website (BTW - the French have it right!).

 Whatever you're packing for Mother's Day 2018 - be sure to send it out with as much love and care as your mum gave you when she sent you out into the big wide world! That is unless your mother is like those y that feature on the top 41 worst parents in Disney, in which case just use one of our mailers and follow our guide above and you'll be on to a winner!

Feature Photo by Jennifer Pallian on Unsplash

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