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The Indomitable Rise of the Subscription Box

There is not much that can beat receiving a parcel through the post, particularly if you know that unwrapping it will be to find either something you’ve looked forward to receiving, or perhaps - even better - an unexpected surprise.

All of us can remember looking out of the window when we were younger, waiting for that special birthday delivery and the barely suppressed excitement when it finally appeared.  In fact, I freely admit that I still feel somewhat of a frisson as I spy my local Postman Pat in his little red van coming along the road.  Might there be something for me?  What could it be?  I don’t want to see any white envelopes thank you very much; give me a big, brown cardboard box please, preferably something oddly shaped and too heavy to carry!

Imagine the joy therefore, of getting products that you love but didn’t even know you needed, delivered to your door every month?  Beauty supplies?  Try these out.  Dog treats?  No problem.  Stuck with something to do with the kids on a rainy day?  We’ve got it covered.  Ten types of craft beer brewed in the hollowed cheeks of mountain goats?  Coming right up!  Coffee and a book, flowers for your hall table, hygge for the healthy home, survival tricks and tools to beat off that inevitable zombie invasion?  You’ve guessed it; there truly is a subscription box for everyone.

And it’s no surprise that given our love of parcels – obviously instilled in us from the birthdays and Christmases of our youth – the popularity of subscription boxes is steadily on the rise. What might be more astonishing however, is just how swift that rise has been and furthermore, that it shows absolutely no signs of slowing down.  According to Forbes, in the last year alone, sales were up by 40%.

The subscription box is proving to be an innovative method of taking on the existing competition and is a clever marketing strategy.  Numerous companies out there have spotted this niche in the on-line market.  Essentially, the boxes are a new way of selling existing products, but they ask the customer to view something with which they might already be familiar, in an entirely new and sometimes unexpected way.   And consumers seem more than happy to play along, especially when retailers demonstrate that they want to engage with personal preferences and are entirely happy to accept feedback and commentary, be it good or constructive.

Has the rise of the internet and advances in technology contributed to the popularity of subscription boxes?  These days it’s often far more convenient to order the things we need without taking a step outside the front door.  However, whilst technology could be cited as a catalyst, it’s also a fact that retail tastes have changed.  Subscription boxes follow the direct-to-customer model which is becoming more and more prevalent in the retail industry; consumers now expect retailers to anticipate their needs and get the right products to them on their first attempt.  Consumers no longer want too much choice, because that might mean not being able to make a choice at all.  If you receive a subscription box, someone else has already done the hard work for you and in doing so, has demonstrated (hopefully) that they understand the unique you and your individual whims.  Subscription boxes getting this right have many thousands of loyal followers.

Whether you’re receiving a subscription box for replenishment (food, loo roll, razor blades) or inspiration (curated art and craft supplies), the important bit for Lil Packaging in all this is the box.  We think that there are three main considerations when choosing a subscription box for your business: ease of packaging and delivery, customisation and that Instagram phenomenon, the unboxing experience.

The product that meets all these demands is the Lil Mailbox.  Reasonably priced, yet highly versatile in all its variations, the mailbox has an innovative pop up base meaning it’s easier and three times faster to assemble than standard mailing boxes or ordinary cardboard boxes.  It can still be stored flat however, saving on valuable warehouse space.  And if a warehouse isn’t an option for you, don’t worry; at Lil Packaging we hold vast quantities of mailboxes in stock for your convenience.

The Lil Mailbox is incredibly strong and provides solid protection without compromising on presentation.  It doesn’t matter whether you want to deliver six types of Yukon popping corn or fragrant, delicate blooms, your valuable products are not going to get damaged.  Plus, our Lil Flowers Letterbox Mailers come with ventilation and fixing holes to ensure that your business can expand but still get flowers to your customers in their best condition.  Even better, these mailboxes have been designed to fit right through the majority of U.K. letterboxes just in case your customer isn’t at home.

If you go for our S1 Mailbox, the hinged lid will provide a degree of wow factor as will the easy open tear strip, but don’t forget that customisation is also key; packaging is the first time customers physically experience a product and whether it’s vintage clothing or tools designed to fight off those zombies, getting it right is your chance to make an immediate impression.

Good design doesn’t have to be limited to the outside.  Both the outside and inside of the box can be customised enhancing the unboxing experience even further, lodging your products in the minds of your customers.  We use eco-friendly inks and can produce striking designs enabling you to turn your packaging into something bespoke and memorable.   You can assure your customers that your packaging is 100% biodegradable and recyclable made with FSC certified materials.

Don’t just take our word for it; have a look at the companies we’ve already helped get a foothold in the lucrative world of subscription boxes. It’s competitive out there, but Lil Packaging knows that with its products, you can exceed your customers’ expectations and maybe your own as well.  Just think of us as your monthly subscription box for packaging (no popping corn included).

CREDIT: Image courtesy of Neat Nutrition

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