K10 Single Walled Cardboard Box

500 x 350 x 250 mm
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As used by Europe's largest internet retailer, these almost 20 x 14 x 10" single wall, quality cardboard boxes are made to a higher specification than many other manufacturers standard boxes. Made to protect your goods through transit with a BCT rating of 1540N (20% stronger than industry standard). We are the only company to have the FSC environmental logo printed on every box.

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Product Description

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Looking for cardboard packaging boxes? The K10 cardboard box is seriously strong with a Box Compression Test Strength (BCT) of 1540N. This box is over 20% stronger than the Industry Standard in the material strength Box Compression Test. In comparison, a standard single wall box will have a material stength of between 1190 and 1270N. (The Box Compression Test shows the force required to crush a box with a size of 400x300x200mm.)

Perfect as quality shipping boxes, for example, this box fits 90% of all 4 slice toasters, coffee machines, blenders, bread makers, slow cookers, PS4 and many other retail items. The Lil cardboard box range boasts variable depth for all sizes deeper than 6 inches. Simply tear down the easy to use vari-depth perforation on your K10 shipping boxes fold the flaps and away you go!

All of our Lil cardboard boxes are manufactured using FSC certified material for environmental sustainability. These single-wall, K10 cardboard boxes from Lil packaging are quality shipping boxes.

They are made to a higher specification than many other manufacturers’ standard boxes to protect your goods through the post. Quality matters; don't waste time, money and customers’ patience on inferior basic packaging, when you can get high quality cardboard packaging boxes right here that your customers will love.

Sturdy single wall, cardboard packaging boxes. Flat packed - make them up by taping the flaps. More attractive than a plain unprinted stock box. Variable depth allowing adjustment of the height of your box.

Your packaging is the first time that your customers physically experience your product. Getting it right is your chance to make the best first impression, with a clear understanding of what you need, we use our knowledge and expertise to guide you towards the most appropriate solutions. It's about delivering unrivalled service.

Technical Specifications

  • Colour: Brown kraft
  • Height: 250 mm
  • Height inches: 9.8 inches
  • Length: 350 mm
  • Length inches: 13.8 inches
  • Material type: 150 tt b flute corrugated
  • Weight: 384g
  • Width: 500 mm
  • Width inches: 19.7 inches