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Lil Packaging receive 'Supply Chain Excellence Accreditation'...

Lil packaging has been awarded Supply Chain Excellence Accreditation, for the 4th year running at the Bookseller Industry Awards held on 9th May 2016.

At Lil packaging, we represent a key part of the supply and logistics chain for booksellers and distributors. Our important role keeps books and publications of all kinds moving safely from location A, to location B on a daily basis. Packaging books for transit is not an easy or simple task, unless you have well crafted, sustainable and cost-effective packaging options to use.

We live and breathe 'fulfilment' at Lil. It's not just about packaging - it's about packing speed, reducing returns, reducing damages, reducing packaging storage space, postal-cost reduction, customer satisfaction and much more. We provide expertise and thorough experience on all of this for free to book-sellers and distributors.

As a packaging manufacturer, we pride ourselves on environmental excellence - Our packaging is produced from sustainably managed forests with FSC and PEFC accreditation.

As Fred Lill our Sales Director states

It is great to receive supply chain excellence recognition once again at the Bookseller Awards.  It provides a reflection of our love for innovation, quality without compromise and consideration for the supply and logistics chain.

Visit our product pages to see our full range and purchase stocked products including:

Book wraps - Specifically designed with books in mind, the Lil book wrap has historically been produced for the world's largest internet retailers to offer faster packing speeds, greater protection and significant postal cost savings through the 'large letter' tariff.packaging manufacturer supply chain excellence

Envelopes - Their snug fit design is for up to 30mm thick paperbacks, CDs and DVDs.  These sleek rigid envelopes are letterbox friendly and cheaper to post.  Online retailers report nearly 70% fewer returns and 25% faster packing speeds.

Flatpack - our tough corrugated envelope is the stiffest envelope known to man! Perfect for photobooks, vinyl records and fine art material. Safe in transit and easy to open on arrival.

Letterbox Range packaging manufacturer Letterboxes - As the name suggests, the Lil letterbox is designed to fit through standard UK letterboxes, to help you achieve confirmed deliveries every time without the need for recipients to be present.  It has a quick pop up assembly and with a strong design it is also doormat friendly.

In terms of supply chain excellence, when you choose Lil, there are many reasons to mail happy!...

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