Mothers Day

Mothers Day

22nd March 2020 affords the annual celebration - Mother's Day!

This festival, falling three weeks before Easter Sunday is known to many as a day when we recognise our mothers or mother figures such as a grandparent or a cherished Aunt – showering them with cards and gifts in remembrance of the plethora of routine and remarkable accomplishments that they achieve on lets face it, a daily basis!

Whilst many of us also know this day as Mothering Sunday, this particular celebration is historically a different occasion. Read on to find out more about the meaning of the two days...

The 'Mother' in Mothering Sunday was originally seen as an individual's mother church rather than their mother figure. Circa the 16th century, this purely religious event would have involved a pilgrimage from the person's current parish back to the original church that they were baptised at for a marked service.

The celebration of the mother church fell out of favour in the early 20th century, however, following much campaigning from a lady named Constance Penswick-Smith, Mothering Sunday returned albeit with a more American influence and more of a focus on the celebration of our dear mum's.

Also from the U.S, came a lady named Anna Jarvis who is also well known for her involvement in initiating Mother's Day as a celebration of her own mother and introducing the original flower of Mother's Day, the carnation.

Today, Mothering Sunday and Mother's Day have become one and the same, and we continue to mark this occasion very often by sending flowers.

Perhaps you are you looking for some beautiful packaging to send such flowers? Busy lives have raised the demand for the convenience of letterbox packaging, even in the flower industry. Sending an unexpected bunch of flowers to a loved one, only to be left with a neighbour is becoming a thing of the past for many.

'Delivery to your door' flowers are too often presented in layers of (albeit beautiful) cellophane, which of course - double whammy, causes your stunning flowers to sweat and being inherently non-biodegradable, is damaging to the environment. Surely this goes against the very nature of the natural, earthy endowment being presented?

Lil Packaging to the rescue - manufactured in-house from brown, kraft corrugated cardboard, our Lil Flowers Letterbox has been carefully designed to offer you not just the best letter-box friendly protection for mailing flowers in the post, but also the most environmentally sustainable!

To ensure your flowers arrive in the best condition, our letterbox friendly cardboard boxes include the following features:

  • Twin tuck in side tabs with the addition of 2 clasps along the length for a strong construction once assembled - we suggest a simple branded sticker to seal or use the shipping label.
  • Dual ventilation holes top and bottom edges to ensure your flowers get sufficient airflow whilst stacked up during dispatch.
  • 4 fixing holes on the base of the box, perfect for tying the flowers into position with ribbon or twine.
  • Constructed from 100% FSC certified brown kraft corrugated cardboard and 100% recyclable as standard.
  • Comes supplied completely flat, so easy to store.
  • This fantastic Letterbox ready packaging for flowers is also available in white or custom printed with your own designs.

l you celebrate Mother's Day and what does it mean to you? One thing is for sure, Barry and Fred Lill will be celebrating the one and only Jane Lill today...not just their dear mum, but truly the original mother of Lil Packaging!

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