National Pizza Day

National Pizza Day

9th February 2020, welcomes a delicious celebration of Pizza...yes, you've guessed it – it's #NationalPizzaDay! Exactly as the name suggests this festival is celebrated annually in remembrance of that gorgeous crispy, melty, cheesy comfort food that we have all come to know and love. While the origins of this festival are unclear, what is very certain is that there will be many people today, using this as a very good excuse to join together with friends or relatives and fill their house with that doughy cooking smell that conjures up feelings of warmth and relaxation.

The pizza is just so clever at bringing people together! Parties, evenings in with friends and a film, a trip to your local pizza restaurant perhaps...One thing is for sure, this is a very sociable food stuff!

There are no two ways about would be exactly right in assuming that this super popular food in the form that we have come to know and love originated in Italy, but who knew that it is thought to date back as early as the 18th century. In fact, even before this, the first 'sitings' of the humble pizza in the form of a flatbread are thought to be traced back to the Romans!

But what about pizza boxes! Without this amazing invention, we wouldn't be able to enjoy hot pizza to our cooking required on our part and available at the touch of an online order or telephone call. This iconic container is thought to have originated during World War I and World War II when the cardboard box was seen to replace the previous bag-like form.

Inspired by those incredibly nifty pizza boxes, Lil have invented an entire range of E-flute corrugated cardboard vessels that have in fact - twice the edge crush test value of the original B-flute pizza box design, and are proven to be the best for single parcel e-commerce by squeezing more parcels through Letterboxes and Postboxes. It is a common misconception that a 3mm thick B flute is stronger than 1.5mm thick E flute. For web postal boxes, there should be no compromise from E flute corrugated material, to ensure maximum protection of the item in transit.

With 50 key sizes and styles to choose from, our range of pizza-style cardboard boxes are pretty much guaranteed to have your postal packaging requirements covered. Easy to store, supplied flat, quick to assemble – with a clean exterior so they don’t attract the wrong kind of attention. Manufactured using FSC® certified strong kraft corrugated cardboard - these boxes are not only 100% recyclable, they're printed using eco-friendly plant-based inks too and are plastic free!

Recommended For:

  • Electricals & Boxed Retail Items
  • Fashion Items & Media (DVD’s, Games etc)
  • High Value Items (Plain Boxes = Reduced Theft)

So today, at Lil Packaging we give thanks for the humble pizza – without it, our stunning range of pizza box insired beauties might never have existed!

Pizza Style Postal Boxes

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