National Beverage Day

National Beverage Day

6th May 2020 is the annual celebration of beverages the world over. It's easy to mark this occasion – just drink your favourite thirst quencher, or perhaps spend some time with the loved ones in your household, discussing different beverages and how the different flavours and temperatures make you feel. We are all living very different lives at this current time, and many of us having to think outside the box in terms of how we spend our down time.

A large number of us continue to celebrate special occasions – birthdays, anniversaries for example, but in a very different way, and possibly having to think about online gifts that can easily be sent in the post. Certainly in the UK, we are renowned for our tea drinking and often reach for that warm comfort in times of strife. A mug could be the perfect gift, but sent in the post, will need to be packaged up successfully to avoid breakage. Perhaps you are a retailer, new to e-commerce, trying to keep up with changes in this sector.

On National Beverage Day, we will therefore focus our attention to the MGT Crashlock Mug Box...

Perhaps one of our lesser known products, the MGT Crashlock Mug Box proves to be the most safe and secure mug packaging on the market! Lets take a closer look at the key reasons why...

Built with high quality corrugate cardboard using a pop-up mailbox design and featuring a 'crash-lock' base, the new design of this box provides double reinforcement on the sides to reduce impact translation to the fragile mug inside.

  • We have drop tested the MGT Crashlock Mug Box from 30ft onto concrete - Not a scratch!!!
  • MGT boasts clever supports and a twin walled, roll over air gap enclosure to prevent handle separation and rim chipping (which we have identified as the 2 most common forms of damage when mailing mugs),
  • Find strong hot-melt glue, peel and seal with our new high performance herringbone perforations as standard. Your customers are guaranteed a frustration free experience with our ceramic mug boxes.

The Lil MGT Crashlock Mug Box screams 'quality', and is a great way to show that you value your product as well as your customers' unboxing experience.

Our mug packaging is 100% recyclable, plastic free and FSC certified. These mug boxes are extensively tested with standard UK 10oz size mugs. (80mm diameter / 95mm high.) The MGT Fits 90% of all mugs.

On National Beverage Day...we will remember to appreciate the little things.

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