The world's Strongest Vinyl Record Packaging that is fast to pack and environmentally friendly

Versatile yet Protective Vinyl Record Packaging - CLP bukwrap

With Vinyl making a return in recent years, it’s no wonder businesses are searching for an easy and safe way to ship Vinyls in the mail. Like most businesses who sell online, the majority are under pressure from their customers find plastic alternatives and are working towards reducing the amount of plastic used in their packaging. For shipping vinyl records, this usually includes bubble wrap, plastic liners and sellotape.

According to Less Plastic, more businesses are stepping forward to making a change by offering a number of workshops for employees and by undergoing the Plastic Game Changer Pledge, which is to help create a company policy of reducing and removing the plastic. By companies standing up and pledging to make the change, the amount of single-use plastic can be reduced, helping to reduce the impact plastic waste is has on our environment.

When it comes to alternatives to plastic, our packaging has you covered. Our CLP is purpose built to protect vinyl without using any environmentally damaging materials. What is more, having recently been granted plastic free accreditation by A Plastic Planet, we have removed our red tear strips in favour of our own frustration free, paper based eco friendly opening system. PLUS the cardboard is certified by the FSC as sustainable, our inks are upcycled and planet based and we've reformulated our glues with bio based materials that more readily decompose, without impacting on sealing performance.

Super tough Vinyl Record Mailers are great for shipping multi-vinyl orders

Instead of using a large box filled with bubble wrap, using a our CLP vinyl record mailers, they allows six separate 12” vinyl LPs to fit into one package. By sending them in this way, it allows you as a business to cut down on the number of packages you send, reduces your packaging storage requirements, and also provides the option for your customers to save on packaging waste, too. Works perfect with just one vinyl record, too - thanks to it's variable height.

CLP vinyl record mailer

Fewer breakages = less complaints

With higher quality packaging, you’re less likely to have to deal with breakages as these record mailers are made out of tough, high-grade corrugated kraft material and are superior in strength to alternatives on the market.

CLP vinyl record mailer

Our CLP vinyl mailers have crumple zones to protect the precious vinyl record sleeves from being dented, a protective packaging design that has been trialed and tested by the book industry. The wrap around design combined with crumple zones and multi-layers of cardboard results in a vinyl mailer that provides unparalleled corner, edge and face protection for your vinyl records.

Vinyl Record Packaging that's fast to pack

As manufacturers of eCommerce packaging, we understand just how much of an impact fast packaging can have on the bottom line. Fast and efficient packaging can negate the need to hire temporary staff during peak season to keep up with demand, or for smaller businesses, efficient packaging could allow you to dispatch your orders during lunchtime or between school runs and require considerable less storage space.

Thanks to our tried and tested high-tac adhesive strip, combined with quick to peel overhanging realease paper, our mailers are on average over 25% faster to pack (we've seen CLPs packed in under 6 seconds!!)

CLP vinyl record mailer

Easy to open, so less chances of damage

Thanks to our new plastic-free tear strip, opening the vinyl packaging doesn't have to be an exercise in sliced thumbs. Simply pull the open tab and hey presto, no stabbing implements needed, no paper cuts or dinged corners.


Simply put, if you're shipping vinyl records, don't take any chances! You can check out our CLP and the rest of the vinyl record packaging range here.

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