pizza style cardboard boxes

Pizza Style Cardboard Boxes - Great for branding & The Environment

In 2020, most of us are looking for ways to cut down on single-use plastic. When you order from your favourite store online, it can be hard to envision what your packaging will be made from. The packaging can give either a fantastic first impression or a highly disappointing one.

There a number of retailers on the market making the change from plastic to other alternatives, as well as smaller businesses too. With Hotel Chocolat and Amazonmaking a huge step in the right direction.

A large number of businesses are looking to find a cheaper packaging solution which in previous years has been plastic. However, with the help of Lil Packaging and their low-cost, yet effective solutions, you may be surprised with the quality of their products.

Introducing the Pizza Style cardboard boxes

When visiting Lil Packaging you will notice a large variety of products in different shapes and sizes, to provide you with the perfect solution for your business model. The Pizza Style postal boxes can send anything from fashion items to high-value items such as electricals.

With the outside of the box being plain often allows for a more secure transit with the contents inside remaining a mystery. The box also allows you to send your products with ease. By using a box which is 100% recyclable including the ink is the guilt-free way to order your online. Not only to you as a company, but also to the customer.

Ways to improve packaging experience

The last thing anyone wants to happen to their parcel is for the contents to arrive broken and damaged. By using the pizza style boxes you can pick the right size for the item and make sure the item sits well within the packaging. This also stops the item moving around so much during postage, making it less likely to cause damage.

The unboxing experience

The most important part of any online business is customer satisfaction, therefore creating the perfect packaging experience is key. By using packaging which keeps the product intact, as well as looking clean and high quality can help towards this goal. With Pizza Styled postal boxes they can be assembled and dissembled in minutes making them a perfect choice for businesses with lack of space and also for those receiving the box, as they can recycle the box with ease.

The ethos

Lil Packaging are working alongside its partners to create completely plastic-free packaging solutions. Aiming to make all of their packaging sustainable, recyclable and reasonably priced.

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